Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, in a national address on Monday, announced the designation of an additional public holiday to honor the nation’s triumph in the Rugby World Cup.

“In recognition of the remarkable achievement of the Springboks and all our other athletes, I hereby declare Friday, the 15th of December, as a public holiday,” President Ramaphosa proclaimed.

The South African rugby team clinched their fourth Rugby World Cup title in a thrilling 12-11 victory over their arch-rivals, New Zealand, on Saturday.

President Ramaphosa commended the exceptional performance of the Springboks and the success of the Proteas in the Cricket World Cup, among numerous other achievements in the world of sports.

He underlined how these achievements have unified the nation, echoing the motto of the Springboks, “Stronger together.”

In a country grappling with energy shortages, high crime rates, escalating unemployment, and economic disparities, the Springboks have emerged as a rare symbol of unity.

Although jubilant fans had anticipated an immediate holiday to celebrate their rugby heroes, they will need to wait for over a month to see their wish fulfilled.

“I understand that many of us would prefer to have the holiday now. However, it is important that we allow our students time to focus on their exams and celebrate afterward,” President Ramaphosa emphasized.

The South African academic year concludes in December, and students in their final year commenced their end-of-year examinations on Monday.

The Springboks are scheduled to return to South Africa on Tuesday, where they will receive a hero’s welcome, with celebratory parades planned in various cities across the country.

After expressing his admiration for the country’s sports teams, President Ramaphosa shifted his focus to updating the nation on the progress in South Africa’s economic recovery efforts. This included updates on addressing persistent power outages, combatting crime, and implementing broader economic reforms.

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