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In a recent interview, Feyisayo Oyebisi, a certified natural skincare formulator, shared her inspiring journey and the remarkable success of her brand, Kazai Organics. As a dedicated advocate for natural skincare, Feyisayo Oyebisi established Kazai Organics in 2015, with a mission to provide lovingly handcrafted products that cater to the skincare needs of black families across Africa and Europe.

Kazai Organics has made a significant impact, serving over 50,000 families in these regions. The brand’s unwavering commitment to the well-being and appearance of the family drives the production of healthy, safe, and natural skincare products.

The inspiration behind this venture began in Feyisayo’s teenage years when she struggled with eczema and adolescent acne. Traditional drugstore products yielded no results, leading her and her mother to experiment with natural ingredients like flower nectar, aloe vera gel, and the leaves of cud-in. These natural remedies were instrumental in curing eczema and laid the foundation for her belief in the power of nature to heal the skin.

Feyisayo Oyebisi’s journey continued as a makeup artist, where she frequently encountered client questions about skincare. Her use of kitchen ingredients like tomatoes, cocoa powder, and oatmeal to care for the skin sparked a DIY skincare regimen, which she shared on Facebook. A pivotal moment came when a role model gifted her a book revealing the extensive world of skincare products made from natural and botanical ingredients. This discovery ignited her passion for creating natural skincare solutions.

The name “Kazai Organics” was chosen with care. It is derived from the Bible, specifically from Job’s daughters. While the traditional spelling is “Keziah,” it is pronounced as “Kazai.” The name was modified to avoid confusion in pronunciation, making it catchy and easy to remember. The Hebrew meaning of the name encompasses concepts like earth, nature, beauty, and the natural world, aligning perfectly with the brand’s ethos.

Kazai Organics offers a diverse range of high-performing products designed to address skin conditions and maintain skin health. Their best-selling “Natural Glow Body Butter” and “Soothe to Smooth” hydrating toner are popular choices. The “Acne oil” combats acne and hyperpigmentation, while their “Lip Gesture 101” lip balms come in two variants: bubblegum and mint. The “Beard oil” caters to male customers’ needs, acting as a hydrating and conditioning oil for both beards and hairlines. The brand’s masks, including “Covered in Green” and “Covered in Black,” utilize ingredients like aloe vera and activated charcoal. Lastly, the “Coffee Scrub Club” is an anti-aging face and coffee scrub.

Kazai Organics stands out by emphasizing natural ingredients and botanicals, which provide gradual but long-lasting results. The brand name is not only unique but also easily pronounceable, making it accessible to both local and international customers.

Transitioning from its previous name, Fedora Organics, to Kazai Organics marked a significant shift in the brand’s identity. The change demanded a complete overhaul of the brand’s image, logo, and color scheme to align with the new name’s natural and earthy connotations.

Kazai Organics takes pride in its personalized approach to skincare. A memorable success story involved assisting a mother with two teenagers suffering from severe acne. Rather than rushing to sell products, the brand conducts consultations to understand the client’s history and habits, recommending products based on individual needs. In this case, the “Acne oil” and hydrating toner brought about remarkable improvements in the teenagers’ skin.

Kazai Organics is also committed to giving back to the community through its “Feed a Widow” campaign. They have created special versions of their body butter exclusively for widows and have provided financial support for the campaign over the years.

Looking ahead, Kazai Organics has ambitious plans to reach every home in Africa, Europe, and beyond, with a vision of expanding its product range to focus on anti-aging solutions. The brand’s tagline, “One with nature,” reflects its mission to create products that connect humans with the natural world.

To connect with Kazai Organics, potential customers can reach out through the brand’s active social media pages or contact them via email and phone. The brand’s core message emphasizes the importance of holistic well-being, urging individuals to invest in their skincare and pay attention to what they put both on their bodies and in their mouths. “You are what you eat,” and your skin reflects your inner beauty, making skincare an essential part of self-care and self-love.

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