Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

In the closing days of the 16 Days of Activism period, Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has issued a rallying cry for society to collectively combat the abuse of women and children.

In an exclusive interview with Steven Taylor on Magic828, Ntshavheni emphasized that the issue of abuse transcends gender boundaries, asserting that it is not solely a women’s concern but a societal one.

“The challenge of women’s abuse cannot be effectively addressed if only women are involved; it necessitates a comprehensive societal approach. Female leaders must also introspect on their contributions and consider how to bring the issue of abuse to the forefront of society,” she remarked.

Ntshavheni went on to dismiss the notion of solely blaming law enforcement and the judicial system for the persistent issue of abuse, highlighting that abuse often occurs within homes and workplaces.

“While it’s tempting to lay blame on the police, asking why they weren’t present to prevent abuse, the reality is that abuse frequently unfolds within our homes and workplaces. Femicide statistics reveal that women are predominantly killed by individuals they know and are close to. As female leaders, we must shed light on this and emphasize the importance of educating our male children about their role in society to ensure women’s safety,” she stressed.

Encouraging women in positions of power to assert themselves, Ntshavheni urged them to occupy space, take a stand, and make their voices heard. She underscored the persistent challenge of being overshadowed by male counterparts and urged women to challenge stereotypes, asserting their leadership roles regardless of their positions in the hierarchy.

“As women in leadership, we often find ourselves perceived as subordinate to men or defined by our relationships. To overcome this, we must challenge these perceptions and insist on being recognized for our individual leadership capabilities, irrespective of our rank,” she concluded.

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