Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

In a harrowing case that unfolded at the Pietermaritzburg High Court, Bongani Maxwell Ncube, a KwaZulu-Natal man, admitted to the brutal murder of his wife, Nokuthula Ntsalaze, following a heated argument in October. The court heard that the couple, married since 2016, faced an abusive relationship, prompting Ntsalaze to obtain a protection order in August after enduring physical abuse. Additionally, the couple was reportedly on the verge of filing for divorce.

This week, Ncube pleaded guilty in a Section 105A plea and sentence agreement presented to the court by his attorney, Mzothando Tengwa. Expressing genuine remorse, Ncube took full responsibility for the tragic events leading to his wife’s death on October 31.

According to Ncube’s account in the plea agreement, the couple, already sleeping in separate bedrooms, engaged in a heated argument on the fateful day. Ncube revealed that his wife demanded he leave their home, escalating the confrontation by throwing his clothes on the floor. Refusing to depart, Ncube recounted telling his wife that he would not leave unless dead.

During the confrontation, Ncube disclosed that Ntsalaze retrieved a bush knife from under the bed, prompting him to disarm her and strike her multiple times, causing fatal injuries to her head and neck. The post-mortem examination confirmed the cause of death as head injuries.

After the gruesome act, Ncube locked the house and left. He later informed his family of the incident, leading to the discovery of Ntsalaze’s lifeless body. Ncube was subsequently arrested on October 31 at a relative’s homestead in Ndwedwe, where he cooperated with police by indicating the weapon used.

In the sentencing, Judge Radebe determined that there were no substantial and compelling circumstances to deviate from a life imprisonment sentence. Consequently, Ncube was sentenced to life imprisonment, rejecting the proposed 25 years as per the 105A plea and sentence agreement. The State was represented by Senior State advocate Julius Khathi.

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