Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

A teenager in Ballito is facing paralysis after reportedly diving head-first into a shore-break over the weekend. The incident unfolded in the Ballito area, prompting a swift response from Medi Response paramedics.

According to Janus van Schalkwyk from Medi Response, they received reports of a patient sustaining an injury while diving into the shore-break. Upon arrival, paramedics learned that a 17-year-old had dived head-first, striking his head on a sand bank and experiencing complete paralysis.

KwaDukuza Lifeguards promptly retrieved the patient before Medi Response paramedics stabilized him and transported him to a nearby specialist facility.

Van Schalkwyk highlighted that this marks the second recent incident of a spinal injury at local beaches. Additionally, there have been two near-drowning incidents in the past week, with bystanders and Medi Response paramedics successfully resuscitating unresponsive patients, including a five-year-old.

As the festive season approaches, Van Schalkwyk urged vigilance and advised swimming only at designated areas with lifeguards on duty. He emphasized the importance of not leaving children unsupervised near swimming pools or the ocean.

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