Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Despite a recent surge in road fatalities in the Western Cape, motorists on the province’s main thoroughfares are reportedly still refusing to adhere to basic safety rules, according to Mobility MEC Ricardo Mackenzie. Over 55 people have lost their lives in road accidents in the province since the beginning of the month. While transport operators claim no major incidents, Mackenzie expressed concerns about the lack of compliance during the festive season.

Between December 4 and 10, provincial traffic inspectors conducted 298 integrated roadblocks, vehicle checkpoints, and speed control operations, checking 34,709 vehicles. The period saw around 46 crashes, resulting in 55 fatalities. Mackenzie emphasized the need for simple safety measures such as wearing seat belts, checking vehicles and tires, avoiding alcohol consumption before driving, maintaining appropriate speed, and taking breaks to prevent fatigue.

Expressing disappointment at the non-compliance, Mackenzie urged road users to prioritize safety, emphasizing the responsibility of freight companies to ensure their truck drivers operate safely and do not take unnecessary risks. He highlighted instances of large trucks overtaking without adequate visibility and drivers neglecting rest breaks, emphasizing the potential fatal consequences of fatigue-related accidents.

While provincial traffic officers, working closely with the SAPS and local authorities, are making efforts to ensure road safety, Mackenzie urged road users to play their part in reducing the rising number of road crashes and fatalities during the festive season. Despite the grim start to December, transport operators like Santaco and Intercape reported no major incidents over the recent long weekend, indicating smooth operations and continued use of their services by holidaymakers.

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