Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

During a routine draining process at Durban Harbour’s dry dock, Transnet employees made an unexpected discovery – two distressed Zambezi sharks. Swift action was taken as operations were immediately halted, and expert assistance was sought. Responding to the call, uShaka Sea World, a renowned marine conservation and education center, dispatched its lead aquarist, Rob Kyle, to the scene on an early Sunday morning.

The rescue team, consisting of professionals from uShaka Sea World, Netcare 911, and Transnet, prioritized safety in their approach. The water level in the dry dock was lowered to limit the sharks’ mobility, ensuring a safer and more manageable rescue operation.

Remaining out of the water until it was shallow enough, the team carefully slid a stretcher underneath each shark. Once safely secured, the sharks were lifted out of the dry dock. The first shark, a 220cm male weighing nearly 200 kg, underwent a rapid health check by the uShaka Sea World veterinarian before being tagged and released back into the harbour waters.

The meticulous rescue procedure was repeated for the second shark, a smaller male measuring 155cm. After a successful health check and tagging, this shark was also swiftly returned to the harbour.

Although both sharks had superficial abrasions and scuff marks, likely from contact with the dock’s bottom and supports, none of the injuries were deemed serious. The uShaka Sea World team expects a quick and full recovery for both animals.

In a statement, uShaka Sea World expressed gratitude to Netcare 911 for their standby support and commended the Transnet team at the dry dock for their exceptional cooperation. The successful rescue of these Zambezi sharks underscores the dedication and expertise of all parties involved, emphasizing the significance of collaboration in wildlife conservation efforts.

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