Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

As the festive season brings forth joy and celebrations, the safety of e-hailing service users takes center stage, with incidents of driver misconduct throughout the year underscoring the importance of prioritizing passenger safety.

Gareth Taylor, Bolt Regional Manager for the SADC, has outlined essential safety tips for travelers during the festive season.

Before requesting a ride:

  • Given the heightened demand for rides during the festive season, planning trips in advance can help avoid delays.
  • Be prepared and wait safely near the designated pickup location to minimize waiting time for both passengers and drivers.
  • Before entering the vehicle, meticulously check that the driver and vehicle details match the information displayed in the app. Confirm the driver’s name, photo, and license plate number to ensure you are entering the correct vehicle.
  • In addition to verifying the number plate and driver, take reasonable measures to check the boot or any other area for added reassurance of your safety.
  • Avoid offline trips, as incidents occurring offline are challenging to track and are not covered by Bolt’s Safety team or ride insurance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the safety features available in the app, such as the SOS button, in-trip audio recording, and the share my trip feature, designed to protect both the driver and rider.

During your ride:

  • Maintain effective communication with the driver for a successful and safe journey. If a route feels unsafe, provide clear instructions on a safer route or express any concerns.
  • Show respect and courtesy, fostering a positive and safe environment for both riders and drivers.

After the ride:

  • Upon completing the trip, take a moment to rate your driver and provide feedback through the app to ensure a high level of service and recognize drivers for their excellent performance.

By adhering to these safety tips and embracing the available safety features, both passengers and drivers can enhance the quality of their interactions and contribute to a seamless travel experience during the holiday period.

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