Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Firefighters are in the midst of an extended effort to combat a persistent blaze in Simon’s Town and its surrounding areas, now entering its fifth day, as the City of Cape Town reports continued flare-ups.

City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson Jermaine Carelse issued a statement on Saturday afternoon, highlighting the presence of flare-ups in various locations. Carelse reported, “On the Simon’s Town front, we currently have flare-ups at Partridge Point and Smitswinkel, where crews are actively busy with firefighting, and where one Oryx helicopter is water bombing the inaccessible areas. As we move towards Glencairn Expressway, there are still flare-ups along the road.”

He further stated that two Huey helicopters are engaged in water bombing activities in the Glencairn Expressway area to support firefighting crews addressing the flare-ups.

The City of Cape Town has mobilized over 35 firefighting resources and approximately 100 staff members to tackle the ongoing fire. Carelse assured the public that the City is committed to remaining on-site until the fire has been completely extinguished. He stated, “The public should know that we will stay on site until the last ember is extinguished.”

Firefighting efforts commenced on Tuesday at 9 am, with the fire gaining momentum due to escalating winds, posing a threat to the Simon’s Town naval base and residential properties in the vicinity. Although residents were evacuated as a precautionary measure, there have been no reported injuries or property damage as of the latest update. According to recent reports, firefighting efforts have been scaled back in Simon’s Town, indicating the challenging nature of the ongoing battle against the blaze.

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