Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Western Cape Department of Mobility has reported the arrest of 108 individuals suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol during the week spanning December 18 to 26. Western Cape MEC for Mobility, Ricardo Mackenzie, revealed that 37 fatalities occurred on the province’s roads during this period.

In a tragic breakdown, Mackenzie shared that 17 pedestrians and 14 passengers lost their lives in traffic accidents over the week and long weekend. He urged pedestrians to wear visible clothing, especially at night, and discouraged walking under the influence, emphasizing the importance of finding safer transportation options.

Addressing drivers, Mackenzie stressed the significance of using seat belts for all occupants, even on short trips. He also appealed to parents to secure their children in age-appropriate harnesses, highlighting the potential life-changing consequences of serious injuries resulting from crashes.

The Department of Mobility conducted 320 integrated roadblocks, vehicle checkpoints, and speed control operations, scrutinizing 45,302 vehicles. Enforcement efforts led to 14,993 fines issued for various traffic violations, 31 impounded vehicles, and 234 vehicles discontinued for being unroadworthy.

Traffic officials recorded 374 speeding offenses, with the highest speed registered at 184 km/h in a 120 km/h zone. Among the 172 arrests made, 20 were related to fraudulent documentation, and 17 were for reckless and negligent driving.

Throughout the week, 31 crashes were documented, resulting in the deaths of four drivers, 14 passengers, 17 pedestrians, and two motorcyclists. Authorities are intensifying efforts to enhance road safety and curb traffic violations during the holiday season.

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