Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Brian Miripiri, accused of murdering his girlfriend, Busisiwe Mthethwa, displayed a cold stare as the prosecutor detailed the chilling discovery of Mthethwa’s chopped-up body in a chest freezer at her Samora Machel home. Miripiri was apprehended on Saturday, following a police investigation prompted by concerns raised by family members.

Reports indicate that after the grim discovery, Miripiri returned home with another woman and spent the night with her. The victim, last heard from two days before Miripiri’s arrest, had allegedly informed close associates that she was heading to the Eastern Cape. However, suspicions arose when the accused began selling her belongings.

Family members of Busisiwe Mthethwa, 56, found her chopped-up body in a chest freezer in her Samora Machel home. Picture: Supplied

Upon arriving at Mthethwa’s home, relatives found the shack locked, and despite Miripiri’s claims that she had traveled, her absence raised concerns. The police were summoned, and during a search, a knife and a ransacked kitchen were discovered. Miripiri falsely claimed that Mthethwa was in Blackheath, but a deeper investigation revealed her lifeless body inside the chest freezer.

Miripiri opted for a Legal Aid lawyer for his defense. The State charged him with murder under Schedule 5, citing a police visit to the deceased’s home on December 30, prompted by a missing person’s report. The investigating officers noted signs of a possible struggle, leading to Miripiri’s arrest.

Samora Machel community police forum chairperson Jacky Samuels expressed anger and frustration over the incident, vowing to pursue justice for Mthethwa. The case has been postponed for bail information. Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed the discovery of the victim’s body in a freezer during a search prompted by the missing person’s complaint.

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