Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The sighting of a Canadian timber wolf roaming in Benoni sparked social media discussions this week, leading to reports of the animal wandering in Benoni Agricultural Holdings on the East Rand. Allegedly having escaped from a property in the area on New Year’s Eve, the wolf, named Logan, has now been safely recaptured.

Christo Myburgh, representing Absolute Exotics SA, confirmed Logan’s successful recapture with the assistance of Lapua Strike Force, a private security company. Logan is set to be relocated to a sanctuary equipped to meet his specialized needs.

Absolute Exotics SA is preparing to release a comprehensive statement detailing Logan’s journey into their care, the circumstances of his escape, and the successful recapture. Myburgh expressed gratitude to all parties involved in ensuring the safe retrieval of Logan.

Upon Logan’s escape, Absolute Exotics SA initiated a search operation, collaborating with the South African Police Services K9 unit to track down the wolf. Assuring the public, Absolute Exotics mentioned that Logan is not considered dangerous and is unlikely to pose a threat unless provoked.

Last year witnessed various incidents of escaped wild animals in South Africa, including tigers, lions, and buffaloes.

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