Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

As the financial strain of overspending during the holiday season and the onset of new year expenses, including school fees, uniforms, and books, tightens budgets in January, individuals are seeking ways to manage their finances effectively.

Ester Ochse, the product head at FNB Integrated Advice, shares valuable advice on making the most of limited resources and starting the year on a positive note.

Leverage Your Rewards:
Now is the opportune moment to capitalize on rewards and loyalty schemes, such as eBucks. As these rewards often pay out in the second week of January, individuals can enhance their cash flow by taking advantage of these additional income streams.

Maximize Freebies and Incentives:
Many rewards programs offer freebies and incentives throughout the month. It is advisable to make the most of these offerings, further optimizing the benefits of rewards systems.

Develop Healthy Financial Habits:
The start of the new year is an ideal time to incorporate financial well-being into resolutions. Small changes, such as preparing meals instead of buying daily at the office, can have a significant impact on overall financial health.

Stay Alert for Specials and Promotions:
As the holiday season concludes, numerous stores launch promotions to attract customers. Keeping a vigilant eye on these specials can enable individuals to secure deals and discounts, helping them make cost-effective choices in their purchases.

With strategic planning and adopting prudent financial habits, individuals can navigate the challenges of January’s extended financial stretch, ensuring a smoother start to the year.

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