Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Nicole Johnson, the wife of alleged 28s gang boss Ralph Stanfield, finds herself entangled in further legal troubles as the State presents evidence of her alleged involvement in fraudulent activities. Appearing in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court, Johnson sought a new bail application, citing her daughter’s urgent medical needs and the deterioration of her businesses during her incarceration.

Johnson, along with her husband and associates Johannes “Bal” Abrahams, Denver Booysen, and Jose Brand, faced charges linked to a manhunt and attempted murder of a former employee accused of stealing over R1 million from the couple. The State revealed during bail hearings that the ex-employee, now a State witness, had gone into hiding after learning of a planned attack by Stanfield.

In the recent bail hearing, the State presented an audio recording from a tracking company, alleging that Johnson fraudulently obtained the location of a vehicle. The State prosecutor, advocate Nathan Adriaanse, claimed that Johnson falsely claimed ownership to access the car’s location. However, Johnson argued that the owner was present during the call.

The State also disclosed an additional incident involving gunfire at the home of a complainant’s father while the couple was in custody. Johnson’s bail application emphasized her daughter’s medical condition, discovered during a prison visit, and the potential loss of her businesses, two Sorbet Salons, as Sorbet canceled the agreements.

Defence advocate Laurence Hodes argued that the presented facts were new and illustrated Johnson’s inability to foresee her child’s illness or the impact on her businesses. Hodes contended that, if granted bail, Johnson could renegotiate the franchise deals. The court postponed the case to January 16 for the magistrate to deliver her judgment.

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