Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The dawn of 2024 has brought immense joy to two fortunate individuals who secured the Lotto and Lotto Plus 2 jackpots in the December 30 draw, both accomplished through the use of banking apps.

National Lottery Ithuba reported that the Lotto jackpot, amounting to R8,939,771.60, was claimed through the Standard Bank online platform, while the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot of R30,000,000 was won via the Capitec banking app.

The winner of the R30 million jackpot has already stepped forward to collect the prize. Expressing initial disbelief at the unexpected stroke of luck, Ithuba mentioned in a statement that, being an infrequent lottery participant, the winner initially questioned the authenticity of the notification, suspecting it might be another digital scam. Notably, she had previously won R60,000.

With plans to renovate her grandmother’s house, the winner encourages fellow South Africans to participate in the lottery, attesting to the National Lottery’s genuine nature and emphasizing the existence of real winners. Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza expressed elation at the achievement of both winners, highlighting how their success aligns with the dreams and aspirations central to the National Lottery’s mission.

Ithuba took the opportunity to remind players that all winners exceeding R50,000 receive complimentary financial and trauma counseling, and importantly, all winnings are tax-free.

In a separate Lotto success story, a Nelspruit man concluded the year 2023 with a significant R20 million Lotto jackpot win. The father of three and devoted husband walked away with R20,837,858.80, marking a memorable conclusion to the year for another fortunate lottery player.

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