Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has identified incorrect banking details provided by beneficiaries as the cause of the recent issues with grant non-payments. In an official statement released on Wednesday, Sassa’s communications officer, Omphemetse Molopyane, acknowledged receiving complaints from beneficiaries who did not receive their monthly payments.

Molopyane clarified that the non-payments stemmed from inaccuracies in banking information provided by beneficiaries during the grant application process or when making changes to their payment methods. Sassa emphasized the importance of beneficiaries ensuring the accuracy of their banking details when initially applying for social grants or updating personal information.

According to Molopyane, supplying Sassa with incorrect banking details could result in delays in the availability of funds in the beneficiary’s bank account. The agency highlighted the industry practice of monthly bank verification with different banks and cautioned that any discrepancies during this process could lead to payment delays.

In instances where payments are made due to incorrect banking details, beneficiaries have the option to apply for Social Relief of Distress funding at any Sassa office. However, Sassa clarified that this amount would be recovered from the next available social grant payment once the banking details are resolved.

Molopyane urged all affected grantees to promptly contact their nearest Sassa offices for assistance in resolving the issues related to grant non-payments.

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