Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Monique Eloff’s ascent to the title of Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa (SQGEA) Winner for 2024 is a compelling narrative of self-discovery, resilience, and transformative impact. Originating from the quiet town of Naboomspruit to the West Rand, Monique’s life reflects a tapestry woven with diverse experiences that have molded her into the extraordinary woman she is today. Her coronation as the Supreme Queen of Global Earth Africa stands as the culmination of her remarkable journey, not devoid of challenges, including a battle with weight loss pill addiction.

Reflecting on her struggles, Eloff acknowledges that her addiction was linked to a deeper misperception of herself, rooted in feelings of inadequacy. Despite initial aspirations in biokinetics, she transitioned to the corporate world before pursuing her dreams with SQGEA, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.

“At the ripe age of 38, I’ve stumbled upon a profound realization. Whether there’s a crown on my head or not, this entire odyssey has shaped me into the person I’m meant to be – unapologetically so, with the full spectrum of my experiences.”

Eloff faced personal trials, including the loss of her father, as she embarked on her triumphant year. Throughout the competition, she found solace and peace while grappling with self-doubt and comparisons inherent in such prestigious events. Wearing the crown proudly, Eloff envisions using her platform to contribute positively to communities.

“Establishing trust and garnering support through authenticity is crucial, paralleling lessons learned in an entrepreneur’s journey.”

Commending SQGEA for empowering women in business and promoting inclusivity, Eloff aims to be remembered for her character and impact rather than just her title. Her advice to aspiring individuals underscores the power of self-permission and the importance of stepping into one’s inherent strength without waiting for external validation.

Monique Eloff’s reign as the Global Earth Africa Winner transcends a mere title; it is a narrative of triumph, self-love, and personal growth. Her story serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to embrace their unique journeys.

“The reality is that there is one crown, and I accepted that. Enter for all that the pageant journey can offer you, whether that crown becomes yours or not. Above all else, give yourself permission to shine!”

For more information on Supreme Queen Global Earth Africa or to apply for 2024, visit their website.

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