Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The suspension of Paarl’s station commander, Brigadier Nokuthula Pete, has ignited controversy after she labeled the area as “too white” in a social media post. Action Society, an advocacy group, criticizes the police for alleged attempts to mask internal issues to evade criticism.

Pete’s suspension stems from a Facebook reply to another officer, suggesting they apply to work at the station. In the post, she stated, “Put it in, and you say Transfer Finance Paarl, we will sign so I can change this white supremacy because Paarl is white.” Action Society Director Ian Cameron is urging the swift resolution of disciplinary action against Pete.

Cameron contends that instead of fostering unity in the fight against crime, Pete exacerbated racial tensions, impacting police morale in an area grappling with investigative capacity shortages. He highlights Pete’s December Facebook post expressing her belief that SAPS in Paarl is “too white” and encouraging transfers to address the perceived issue.

While a disciplinary investigation has been completed, Pete has not returned to work, prompting accusations of attempting to evade consequences. Cameron emphasizes the need for a strong and experienced station commander to lead Paarl’s police force effectively.

Police spokesperson Andrè Traut confirmed an ongoing internal investigation into Pete’s social media post. However, finer details are not disclosed due to the internal nature of the process. Cameron contends that the investigation is a public matter and challenges SAPS to address the situation promptly by transferring Pete.

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