Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Rise Mzansi manifesto, presented at the Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria on Saturday, outlined a comprehensive vision for South Africa, addressing key issues such as jobs, education, land, food, subsidies, border security, corruption, crime, and inequality. The party, gearing up for its inaugural national elections in 2024, aims to bring about transformative change just nine months after its establishment.

Leader Songezo Zibi, addressing thousands of supporters, emphasized the party’s commitment to preventing the nation’s decline, declaring, “South Africa will not go to the dogs, not while we are all still breathing.” He rallied supporters with a bold vision to construct a new society founded on values such as freedom, equality, justice, solidarity, and integrity.

Zibi underscored the party’s dedication to restoring people’s dignity, advocating for land with piped water for agriculture and housing, discounted food for SASSA grant recipients, and a job seekers grant for those seeking employment without means to do so.

He criticized the ruling party, accusing it of governing failures and expressed concern over its alleged disdain for the people. Zibi asserted that it was time to move away from an “abusive system and leaders who hate us,” referencing 2024 as their pivotal moment comparable to 1994, signaling the need for change and preventing South Africa from becoming another impoverished African state.

Rejecting promises of miracles, Zibi emphasized the necessity for new visionary leaders to rebuild the nation’s economy, advocating for a government of unity. The manifesto prioritizes leadership, good governance, and the implementation of people’s will through sensible policies and laws.

Encouraging supporters to mobilize and rally behind the party, Zibi highlighted the collective effort required to secure victory in the upcoming elections.

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