Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Ghaleb Cachalia, a former Democratic Alliance (DA) MP who recently resigned from the party, has called on party leader John Steenhuisen to visit Gaza and witness the devastation, asserting that it would be an enlightening experience.

Cachalia’s departure from the DA last week was attributed to discomfort with the party leadership, exacerbated by his comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict. In November of the previous year, Cachalia was removed from the party’s shadow cabinet due to his pro-Palestine remarks and tweets related to the war.

Addressing Steenhuisen, Cachalia, in a post on X (formerly Twitter), expressed, “Dear John Steenhuisen, I’ll pay for both of us to go to Gaza. You arrange the visas and access. You went to Ukraine to see for yourself; come, let’s go – we may even mend some fences. Hell, we’ll certainly learn a lot.”

The reference to Ukraine pertains to Steenhuisen’s previous visit to the country during its conflict with Russia, where he aimed to assess the situation firsthand.

Cachalia has been an outspoken supporter of Palestine, diverging from the DA’s stance supporting the two-state solution. The Gaza health ministry reports a significant number of casualties, with at least 25,105 people, predominantly women and children, killed due to Israel’s ongoing bombardment and ground offensive.

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