Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Johan Williams, the alleged Boland serial killer accused of luring women to their deaths under the pretense of offering jobs, played a game of cat-and-mouse with the court once again. Scheduled to testify in his defense in the Western Cape High Court, Williams, facing 20 charges including murder, rape, and kidnapping, surprised everyone by deciding not to take the stand. Before proceedings began, Williams requested a private discussion with his defense counsel, Jacques du Preez, leading to a meeting in Judge Rosheni Allie’s chambers. Williams, seemingly unfazed, spent the waiting time cleaning his eyeglasses multiple times.

The charges against Williams include the murder of Natalie Jonkers in 2012, promising her a loan, and the rape and murder of Maria Isaacs in 2018, who believed she was offered a job in Wellington. Another victim, Chantell Mathyssen, went missing after meeting Williams under similar circumstances. The victims’ bodies were discovered in shallow graves in the Boland area, all showing signs of ligature marks from strangulation.

As the State closed its case, the defense, much anticipated, revealed that Williams had chosen to remain silent, initiating his right to not testify. His lawyer informed the court that Williams understood the consequences of this decision. The defense, having no witnesses to call, closed their case. The matter was postponed for closing arguments on February 13, with the court set to communicate a judgment date thereafter. The unexpected move by Williams has left the victims’ families anxious and uncertain about the trial’s outcome.

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