Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Democratic Alliance (DA), South Africa’s official opposition party, has intensified pressure on the ruling party by requesting authorities to charge the country’s Deputy President, Paul Mashatile, with corruption. The DA alleges that Mashatile has benefited from luxury properties provided by his son-in-law and others in exchange for influencing tenders and other favors. John Steenhuisen, the head of the DA, handed over a dossier detailing the alleged wrongdoing to the police in Cape Town, stating that an affidavit and charge sheet had been submitted.

“We hope to continue to use whatever channels we have to make sure that justice is done, and the matter is properly investigated,” said Steenhuisen during a press conference. Mashatile, who assumed his current post in March 2023 after being appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa, has faced media investigations for months regarding the allegations. The accusations focus on his time in provincial and national government, predating his appointment as the country’s deputy president.

While Mashatile’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to the allegations, the deputy president has previously denied them. Last month, the DA called on President Ramaphosa, who pledged to combat corruption when coming to power in 2018, to dismiss Mashatile. The president’s spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya, encouraged organizations or individuals with information on criminality or wrongdoing to submit it to the police.

The latest move by the DA comes as the ruling African National Congress (ANC) faces challenges in the polls ahead of the upcoming general elections. The ANC, in power since 1994, is grappling with corruption and mismanagement issues amid economic challenges and high unemployment rates. Polls indicate a potential dip in support for the ANC, forcing it to consider coalition options. The DA, currently vying for second place with the Economic Freedom Fighters, aims to capitalize on the ANC’s struggles in what is anticipated to be a highly competitive election.

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