Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

In a commendable effort to combat hunger and promote education among vulnerable children, teenagers, and women, Mrs. Treasure Ochuba (JP) has initiated the Treasured Initiative. Driven by a deep commitment to social change, Mrs. Ochuba draws inspiration from personal experiences of childhood hardships, including her family’s encounters with job loss and financial struggles.

Reflecting on her determination, Mrs. Treasure Ochuba (JP) states, “I promised myself that if we survive this stage of life, I will not allow people to suffer from hunger or miss out on education due to lack of funds. Love, passion, and commitment to being an unstoppable force for good drive my dedication to service for humanity.”

The primary focus of the Treasured Initiative is on addressing hunger issues in Ogun State and Lagos State, responding to the growing hardships faced by beggars in these regions. Mrs. Ochuba, observing the heightened challenges beggars encounter, ensures the initiative’s feeding programs are strategically planned to reach those in need.

Implementing physical and environmental analyses, the Treasured Initiative identifies and reaches out to vulnerable individuals effectively. Mrs. Ochuba shares heartwarming moments, recounting the gratitude expressed by a young man saved from hunger through their initiative.

Commencing with a comprehensive survey of beggars in Agege, Lagos State, and Akute, Ogun State, the initiative prioritizes sustainability by planning strategically and assessing its impact. The community response has been positive, with residents expressing appreciation for the initiative.

While garnering support from local communities, Mrs. Treasure Ochuba underscores the importance of collaboration and financial assistance. Initial support from Mr. Ochuba, her husband, has been crucial, and the initiative welcomes partnerships with organizations and individuals alike.

Assessing program effectiveness through the gratitude and excitement of beneficiaries, the Treasured Initiative emphasizes that a well-fed person gains strength for the day.

Looking forward, the initiative aims to expand its reach to all states in Nigeria and numerous countries in Africa. Supported by sister organizations, corporate partnerships, governmental agencies, international organizations, and donations from family and friends, the Treasured Initiative is poised for substantial growth.

Individuals and organizations passionate about supporting the cause are encouraged to contribute through donations. Mrs. Treasure Ochuba and the Treasured Initiative remain open to collaborations and financial support, furthering their mission to provide sustenance and education to those in need.

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