Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa has issued a challenge to the Democratic Alliance (DA), urging them to furnish minutes of their meetings as evidence to disprove allegations of practicing cadre deployment. Accusing the DA of hypocrisy, Ramaphosa asserted that the opposition party is engaged in cadre deployment in areas under its governance. The President made these remarks while unveiling the ANC’s election manifesto in Durban on Saturday, where he outlined key priorities to address the country’s economic crisis.

Ramaphosa revealed ongoing efforts to rectify issues in the energy and logistics sectors and announced his intention to sign the National Health Insurance Bill, which has been on his desk since December after parliamentary approval. The call for meeting minutes comes in the wake of a legal challenge by the DA, seeking the ANC’s cadre deployment records.

Former DA mayor in Midvaal, Bongani Baloyi, claimed that the DA also practices cadre deployment, a statement denied by DA leader John Steenhuisen. The DA, as the official opposition, has threatened the ANC with further legal action for not providing minutes of cadre deployment committee meetings chaired by Ramaphosa.

In response to accusations, Ramaphosa emphasized that the ANC is committed to deploying the best candidates to represent the party at the national and provincial levels. He highlighted the importance of accountability and discipline among elected leaders, stating, “We will ensure our candidates, once put forward, work in a focused and disciplined manner.”

Challenging the DA to provide their meeting minutes, Ramaphosa accused them of hypocrisy, stating, “They are accusing the ANC of doing exactly what they are doing.” The President defended the ANC’s cadre deployment policy, emphasizing the alignment of individuals with the party’s vision and policies.

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