Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

A somber incident unfolded in Greenwood Park on Monday as three adults, aged 27, 30, and 37, along with a dog believed to be a pitbull, were discovered lifeless inside their residence on Rosary Road. KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda confirmed that Greenwood Park police are conducting investigations into three inquest cases following the distressing discovery.

The alert was initially raised when KZN VIP Security received requests for medical assistance. Gareth Naidoo, spokesperson for KZN VIP Security, stated that upon the emergency team’s arrival, it was revealed that the family had been unreachable. Subsequently, they visited the home and made the heartbreaking discovery.

Netshiunda mentioned that a post-mortem examination would be conducted to establish the cause of death. Preliminary reports from the scene suggested that a generator was in use at the residence. Due to cable theft in the area, residents had been without power for several days.

The victims, consisting of two adult males, one female, and the pitbull, were found in circumstances yet to be confirmed, pending further investigation by the police. Naidoo expressed condolences to the grieving families, recognizing the tragic nature of the incident.

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