Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

In a recent incident in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape, two individuals have been apprehended by local law enforcement following an armed robbery on a farm. It is reported that a group of individuals, comprising one woman and six men, purportedly posed as customers upon entering the farm premises.

According to Shaheen Suleiman of Magma Security, the suspects initially approached a farm worker under the guise of wanting to purchase sheep. However, upon being informed by the farmer that no such sales were conducted, one of the men allegedly shot the farmer twice. The assailants proceeded to raid the farm house, absconding with a 9mm pistol and a hunting rifle. Subsequently, they infiltrated the dwelling of the farmer’s son, where they confiscated a pellet gun and subjected a domestic worker to assault before confining her to a room and making their escape.

The swift actions of the victimized domestic worker, who managed to free herself and alert the farm manager, played a crucial role in the subsequent events. The suspects attempted to flee in a Ford Ranger, but their escape was thwarted when they lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn multiple times.

Warrant Officer Majola Nkohli, speaking on behalf of the police, stated that two of the eight suspects were apprehended near the scene of the accident. Additionally, the authorities successfully recovered the getaway vehicle. A case involving charges of attempted murder and aggravated robbery has been initiated, with the two detained suspects, aged 36 and 40, slated to face legal proceedings imminently.

In light of ongoing investigations, law enforcement authorities urge individuals possessing any pertinent information to promptly contact the designated investigative team at 082 441 9296 or utilize Crime Stop’s hotline at 08600 10111 for anonymous tip-offs.

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