Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Navigating the art world’s intricacies can be a daunting task, with its intricate jargon, elusive “artspeak,” and sensational headlines of artworks fetching exorbitant sums. For collectors in South Africa, assessing the value of their cherished art collections or family heirlooms can pose a significant challenge.

Wilhelm van Rensburg, Senior Art Specialist at Strauss & Co, Africa’s premier auction house, sheds light on this matter. “Whether seeking an accurate appraisal for insurance, aiming for optimal auction prices, or simply satisfying curiosity about an artwork’s origins and worth, Strauss & Co offers free and confidential valuations,” he explains.

Drawing on a team of specialists and an extensive network of conservators, academics, and technical experts, Strauss & Co employs a collaborative approach to accurately assess artworks’ value and uncover their provenance. Provenance, establishing an artwork’s ownership history, is vital in determining authenticity and value.

Van Rensburg emphasizes the importance of choosing the right auction house for valuations, ensuring market-related assessments and increased likelihood of successful sales through well-considered estimates.

Strauss & Co offers various valuation methods to suit diverse preferences. Clients can opt for digital valuations through the website, email submissions, in-person consultations at Johannesburg or Cape Town offices, or attend valuation days hosted nationwide.

For larger collections or high-value items, house visits can be arranged. Detailed documentation and information provided by clients aid specialists in assigning accurate values to artworks.

By leveraging Strauss & Co’s expertise, collectors can navigate the art world confidently, whether insuring collections, selling artworks, or satisfying curiosities. Visit for upcoming auctions and events.

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