Sun. May 19th, 2024

In response to years of violence and feuds that have plunged a community in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) into disarray, a high-level policing team is set to be deployed to the region.

Police Minister Bheki Cele made a visit to the community of Nquthu in northern KZN this week, urging residents to collaborate with law enforcement to restore order.

During extensive discussions with community members, police management uncovered deep-seated tensions that have resulted in the deaths of ten individuals, including women and children, over the past two years.

Cele revealed that no arrests have been made in connection with these murders. However, one suspect was fatally shot by police after opening fire during an attempted arrest earlier this month. He highlighted the dire consequences of the feuds, including the displacement of families and widespread fear among residents.

The police minister emphasized the uncompromising stance of the deployed task force, stating, “This team will not show leniency towards criminals, regardless of their affiliations or backgrounds. They will employ all available resources to ensure justice for the victims and to crack down on the illegal firearms plaguing the community.”

Comprising seasoned detectives, the task force will spearhead investigations into the murders and undertake arrest operations. Additionally, tactical response teams will be stationed in the area to track down illicit firearms contributing to the prevailing atmosphere of fear in the rural community, Cele confirmed.

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