Sun. May 19th, 2024

COJ Vows Legal Action to Prevent Further Harassment of Officials

The City of Johannesburg (COJ) has strongly denounced the misuse of legal procedures following an attempted arrest of city manager Floyd Brink.

COJ has announced that it has directed its legal team to urgently file an application with the court to halt the execution of the warrant. The city aims to prevent any recurrence of using legal avenues to intimidate city officials, particularly targeting the city manager.

Joburg Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda expressed concern over what he termed as relentless harassment directed at Brink by certain political entities through the manipulation of legal channels to impede his duties.

Gwamanda condemned what he described as suspicious leaks to the media, which have contributed to tarnishing Brink’s reputation and creating a false public perception of his involvement in criminal activities.

The arrest attempt is allegedly related to a dispute over a utilities account involving a city resident. According to the COJ, the legal dispute stems from disagreements over rates owed to the city by the resident and efforts made to rectify the issue.

Highlighting flaws in the warrant of arrest, the COJ emphasized that the attempt to execute the warrant at the city manager’s private residence was a violation of his rights and those of his family.

Gwamanda stressed the city’s commitment to resolving disputes concerning rates and utility accounts through amicable and transparent means, urging residents to utilize available dispute resolution mechanisms to address billing concerns effectively.

The COJ reiterated its stance against the abuse of legal processes and affirmed its dedication to upholding the rights of its officials and residents alike.

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