Sun. May 19th, 2024

In a daring rescue operation this week in Westville, Durban, a black mamba that had sought refuge inside a leaf blower was successfully rescued and released back into the wild.

Durban snake rescuer Nick Evans responded to a call from a homeowner whose gardener reported spotting a black snake in the shed. Upon arrival on Monday, Evans meticulously searched the shed, initially overlooking the leaf blower. Later that day, the homeowner discovered the snake resembling a black mamba in the shed.

Upon revisiting the shed, Evans meticulously scoured the area for the elusive snake, eventually identifying it concealed within the leaf blower on the top shelf. Despite the snake’s agitation, Evans exercised caution to prevent harm while extracting it from the device.

Durban snake rescuer Nick Evans inspected inside the blower and found a ‘very unhappy’ black mamba. Picture: Supplied/Nick Evans

Due to the snake’s size and the confined space of the leaf blower, Evans carefully dismantled the machine with the homeowner’s assistance, ensuring the snake’s safe removal. The rescued black mamba, measuring 2.4 meters in length, was deemed fit for release and reintegrated into its natural habitat, away from human settlements.

This successful rescue highlights the importance of professional expertise and caution in handling potentially dangerous wildlife encounters, ensuring both human safety and the preservation of local ecosystems.

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