Sun. May 19th, 2024

The MK Party has strongly criticized the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), insinuating collaboration with the ANC to eliminate a political rival, in response to the Electoral Court’s ruling sanctioning MK members Visvin Reddy and Bongikosi Khanyile following an IEC complaint.

The two members were fined R200,000 each for purportedly violating the Electoral Act by issuing statements implying potential riots if the MK Party was excluded from the ballot. Additionally, the IEC has sought their removal from the candidate list.

In a robust counter-affidavit represented by Advocate Dali Mpofu, MKP Secretary General Sihle Ngubane rebuffed the IEC’s accusations, denouncing the alleged targeted approach towards their party. Ngubane’s affidavit portrays the IEC’s actions as indicative of collusion with the ANC.

MKP contends that the issues raised have already been addressed internally, with Khanyile being removed from his position as MK Youth League leader, and Reddy publicly apologizing and barred from making similar statements in the future.

The party refutes allegations of threats to the judiciary and contempt of court as baseless, asserting that the Electoral Court lacks jurisdiction over the matter.

Moreover, MKP raises concerns about the impartiality of the law firm appointed to investigate the complaints, highlighting potential conflicts of interest due to their representation of opposing parties.

Amidst mounting criticism, the IEC has defended its pre-election conduct, refuting claims of bias, including recent scrutiny over its meeting with the US Ambassador to South Africa.

The MKP’s confrontation with the IEC compounds the party’s internal challenges, marked by leadership disputes, member expulsions, and allegations of signature forgery during registration for the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, former President Jacob Zuma faces disciplinary proceedings before the ANC’s committee for allegedly contravening party rules by endorsing another political entity while remaining an ANC member. Zuma’s suspension and anticipated expulsion from the ANC underscore the party’s stringent disciplinary measures.

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