Sun. May 19th, 2024

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is under fire for its recent election TV advert depicting the burning of a South African flag ahead of the upcoming elections.

Initially released in an attempt to garner support for the official opposition, the advert faced severe criticism from South Africans on social media, who deemed the act of burning the flag disrespectful and conveyed a negative message.

The advert portrays a South African flag burning to ashes, accompanied by a voiceover proclaiming how the DA would rescue the country from the flames. The narration goes on to criticize the African National Congress (ANC), the “violent” Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), and the Jacob Zuma faction, asserting, “Under this coalition of corruption, life will only get worse.”

According to the DA, the advert aims to illustrate how the country is gradually being destroyed, emphasizing that only by electing their party to power can the burning of the flag be halted.

“We can stop our flag from burning entirely, and reweave its threads to represent the consolidated dream of a united and prosperous country that we all share,” stated DA Leader John Steenhuisen during the advert’s launch over the weekend.

However, South Africans voiced their disapproval, expressing grievances on social media platforms.

Former public protector Thuli Madonsela (@ThuliMadonsela3) criticized the burning of the flag as ill-advised, emphasizing its significance as a symbol of triumph against apartheid.

Similarly, Twitter user @UlrichJvV questioned the rationale behind the DA’s decision to include the flag burning in their TV ad.

Another user, @ClaysonMonyela, highlighted two issues: the burning of a national symbol of unity, which he deemed justified public outrage, and the DA’s assertion that the ANC will lose its majority, cautioning against making bold claims without conclusive evidence.

Despite the backlash, some users commended the DA for its bold approach in the advert.

Twitter user @PhumlaniMMajozi praised the ad for highlighting the potential consequences of ANC and EFF governance, while @AcocalypseMM acknowledged the advert’s cleverness despite the controversy it sparked.

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