Sun. May 19th, 2024

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has acknowledged receiving correspondence from Jabulani Khumalo, representing the Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party, urging the removal of former president Jacob Zuma as the party’s face and president. However, the commission underscores that only Zuma, as the registered leader, holds the authority to make such decisions.

In response to Khumalo’s communication, the IEC stated, “The letter has also been circulated extensively on social media platforms. In that letter Mr Khumalo demands that the Electoral Commission should remove Mr Zuma as the face of MKP and as the president of the MKP.”

The issue arose following Khumalo’s dismissal and subsequent letter to the IEC seeking Zuma’s removal from the ballot. Another letter was addressed to Zuma, notifying him of his precautionary suspension.

Clarifying its position, the IEC emphasized that it refrains from intervening in the internal affairs of political parties and acts solely on instructions from the registered leader. As per the IEC, Jacob Zuma holds the authority as the registered leader of the MK Party since April 10.

In an earlier announcement on April 16, the IEC confirmed Zuma’s inclusion on the ballot as a substitute for Khumalo, as informed by MKP. The Electoral Court previously ruled in favor of Zuma’s candidacy, a decision contested by the IEC, leading to the matter being brought before the Constitutional Court on May 10.

The impending hearing before the Constitutional Court will address Zuma and the IEC’s case regarding his parliamentary candidacy, following the Electoral Court’s ruling.

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