Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Alan Winde has been re-elected as the Premier of the Western Cape after his party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), secured the majority of the provincial vote in the general elections held in May.

The election for the premier was marked by a nomination from DA MPL Tertuis Simmers for Winde, and ANC MPL Rachel Windvogel nominating Khalid Sayed. In the secret ballot that followed, Winde received 26 votes while Sayed garnered 14 votes. There were two spoilt ballots.

On Thursday, Winde and 42 Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs) were sworn in by Acting Western Cape Judge President Patricia Goliath.

In his acceptance speech, Winde expressed his gratitude for being re-elected:

“It’s an absolute honour to receive the majority vote in this house. It’s an honour to take this position into the next term. I’d like to acknowledge the people of this province.”

Winde acknowledged the significant challenges the province faces but remained optimistic about overcoming them with the support of his cabinet, the provincial government team, and the residents. He emphasized the importance of economic growth, job creation, energy security, and providing opportunities for all residents to thrive.

Reflecting on his campaign trail experiences, Winde noted the struggles many residents face and reaffirmed the government’s role in providing essential social safety nets. He committed to working even harder in his role as premier:

“I saw how many of our residents are struggling and the responsibility that we as government have, to step in and provide that critical social safety net for each of them. I owe it to you, our residents, to work even harder as I lead this government once more.”

In addition to Winde’s re-election, DA MPL Daylin Mitchell was re-elected as the speaker of the provincial legislature. The DA put forward Mitchell as their preferred candidate, while the ANC nominated MPL Ayanda Bans. Mitchell received 26 votes, and Bans received 12 votes. There were three spoilt ballots, and one member did not vote due to being outside the chamber.

The Western Cape is the first province to elect its cabinet following the elections. As the new term begins, the focus will be on addressing the pressing issues faced by the province’s residents and fulfilling the promises made during the campaign. With a strong mandate, Premier Alan Winde and his team are set to tackle these challenges head-on.

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