Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) has embarked on a comprehensive nationwide inspection campaign aimed at ensuring businesses across South Africa comply with the Consumer Protection Act. This initiative comes in response to recent findings of violations, particularly in Limpopo, where businesses were discovered selling expired products.

According to NCC reports, numerous complaints had surfaced regarding the sale of products nearing or past their expiry dates, indicating a disregard for consumer safety and wellbeing. The Commission emphasized that such practices prioritize suppliers’ interests over those of consumers, affecting not only South African shoppers but also individuals from neighboring countries who frequent these areas.

The inspections, which covered Polokwane CBD and nearby towns, revealed additional concerns beyond expired products. The NCC team identified discrepancies between sales records and receipts issued by businesses during their visits.

“In November 2023, following tragic incidents in Ekurhuleni where six children died and others were hospitalized after consuming suspected expired or counterfeit food products, the NCC issued a public warning urging residents to exercise caution, especially when purchasing items from spaza shops,” highlighted the NCC spokesperson, Phetho Ntaba.

The NCC has strengthened its efforts by collaborating with Environmental Health Practitioners, who will utilize local by-laws to eliminate unsafe products from circulation. This partnership underscores a proactive approach to safeguarding consumers from potentially harmful goods.

“When assessing products on shelves, many have surpassed their best-before, sell-by, or other date markings, indicating interference with these crucial indicators,” Ntaba elaborated.

Consumers are encouraged to report any concerns related to product safety or violations of consumer rights directly to the NCC through its dedicated complaint hotline at 012 428 7590.

The NCC’s ongoing inspections and collaborative efforts reflect its commitment to upholding consumer rights and holding businesses accountable for maintaining high standards of product quality and safety. These measures aim to restore public confidence in the marketplace while reinforcing the importance of adherence to regulatory standards for the benefit of all consumers.

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