Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The police have raised concerns over an alarming increase in rape cases reported at various stations across the province. Provincial police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Mmako Mophiring, has called on the community to join efforts in raising awareness and curbing these crimes.

Investigations have revealed that most victims are targeted while walking home at night from drinking establishments. Many attacks occur when victims go to the toilet at these venues or when suspects follow them home.

Mophiring emphasized the importance of safety measures to prevent such incidents. “The community is urged to stop walking alone late at night, especially in open and dark areas. Avoid open and unlit spaces and streets with vacant houses,” he advised. “It is advisable to use alcohol responsibly and in the company of trustworthy people. Arranging safe transport to your home after enjoying a night out is also a good idea. Make sure the house is locked after arriving home, as some victims wake up to find a perpetrator raping them.”

The police are calling for collective action and vigilance to help reduce the prevalence of these tragic crimes.

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