Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

In a surprising trend amid decreasing national salaries, certain South African occupations continue to offer substantial pay, with some roles commanding over R200,000 per month.

Recent data from the StatsSA Quarterly Employment Statistics (QES) revealed a slight decline in the average formal, non-agricultural salary, dropping from R26,822 in Q4 2023 to R26,791 in Q1 2024—a 0.1% decrease. However, this decline hasn’t impacted all sectors equally.

Salary Explorer, a salary comparison website, highlighted several high-paying jobs in South Africa, utilizing data from user submissions, recruitment agencies, companies, and employers. Here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the country:

  1. Surgeons/Doctors
  • Salary range: R72,500 to R213,000
  • Surgeons top the list due to the critical and high-risk nature of their work, requiring extensive knowledge and long educational paths.
  1. Judges
  • Salary range: R42,800 to R148,000
  • Judges’ high salaries reflect the significant responsibilities and decisions they are entrusted with.
  1. Lawyers
  • Salary range: R41,000 to R131,000
  • Lawyers earn substantial pay cheques due to their high perceived value and the complex nature of their work.
  1. Bank Managers
  • Salary range: R36,900 to R108,000
  • Managing large sums of money and associated risks makes this role crucial and well-compensated.
  1. Chief Executive Officers
  • Salary range: R34,200 to R109,000
  • CEOs, responsible for the overall success or failure of organizations, are highly compensated for their broad impact and associated risks.
  1. Chief Financial Officers
  • Salary range: R33,900 to R108,000
  • CFOs, who manage budgets and financial strategies, earn high salaries due to the direct impact of their work on organizational operations.
  1. Orthodontists
  • Salary range: R30,900 to R107,000
  • Working in a field where people are willing to pay premium prices for services, orthodontists enjoy lucrative careers.
  1. College Professors
  • Salary range: R28,600 to R99,000
  • The path to becoming a professor requires persistence and extensive education, contributing to their high earnings and prestige.
  1. Pilots
  • Salary range: R29,100 to R85,700
  • Pilots undergo rigorous training and bear the responsibility for passenger safety, justifying their high salaries.
  1. Marketing Directors
    • Salary range: R24,200 to R77,200
    • Tasked with driving revenue and business growth, Marketing Directors are well-compensated for their critical role.

Despite the general decline in national salaries, these professions continue to offer substantial remuneration, highlighting the diverse economic landscape within South Africa

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