Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Newly-appointed Sports Minister Gayton McKenzie is committed to his promise of ‘evicting plumpness’ and has been sharing his fitness journey on social media. The flamboyant minister, who has pledged to run a marathon in August, is keeping the public updated on his progress.

Despite the bitterly cold weather over the weekend, McKenzie was seen in his familiar green training jacket in a video he posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday morning. Unlike his initial frenetic selfie running video, this time someone else held the camera, capturing him briskly walking along a path.

In the video caption, McKenzie wrote: “Appreciation post #takeabow. My whole body is sore, I had to drag myself out of bed to go and run. I am walking 7kms today. I respect people that run and train every day, people that keep fit. Much respect, get out of the house and go train, walk, lift or run.”

In addition to his fitness endeavors, McKenzie was spotted in the VIP stands at Loftus Versfeld Stadium, watching the Springboks vs. Ireland Test match over the weekend. He was seated with SA Rugby President Mark Alexander as the Springboks achieved their first victory over the Irish in eight years.

Taking his new role with enthusiasm, McKenzie, who is also the leader of the Patriotic Alliance, expressed his desire to make spinning—a car stunt sport—one of the biggest sports in South Africa. “There is one promise I’m going to make … spinning and stance [the extreme lowering of cars] is not a crime. I’m so excited because I promised that spinning will be recognized, and I’m going to make spinning one of the biggest sports in this country,” McKenzie declared during a live Facebook post.

He emphasized his determination to fulfill his promises now that he is in a position to make a difference. “The spinners will be recognized. Our children … when there is a spinning event in Mitchells Plain, it has been proven that there are zero incidents of shooting. When a boy has an interest in cars, he doesn’t have time for drugs. He just worries about his car.”

McKenzie also addressed the treatment of car enthusiasts, vowing to end their marginalization. “You guys have been treated like dogs. Those days are over. We are going to have massive competitions with big prize money,” he promised.

McKenzie’s dual focus on promoting fitness and supporting niche sports like spinning highlights his dynamic approach to his new role as Sports Minister, promising exciting developments in South Africa’s sporting landscape.

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